Video is my passion, and capturing love is my favourite subject.

Everyone knows how to work a video camera am I right?

With I Do Videography, you will be paying for much more than a basic film. Capturing the right video at the right angle takes time, talent, and experience.

What makes I Do Videography different than the other video companies?

Paige Pennifold comes from a degree at Medicine Hat College in Visual Communications. Her studies were focused on videography and graphic design, which inspire creative video editing. Creative video editing is something that makes I Do Videography's videos stand out. Visual treatment and enhancements are inspired by a strong design background. Our videos are not dry and boring, instead, the cutting and flow of the videos allow for a truly emotional experience. Plus we are not a fan of "cookie-cutter" films. This means your wedding is a unique event and it should be treated that way. Your wedding video will fit the look and style of your wedding, and your personality.

Why not just have photography?

Photographs are great for weddings, and actually a lot less work than video. The best part about videography is it captures more than one subject at one time. You get perspective from all angles, emotions and laughter as you sweep accross a room. So much more than one smile in one frame. Video creates a 3D "you are here" experience. Your wedding day only comes once, and we want you to be able to experience all of the speeches, people and moments that the camera (and you) might miss along the way.

Design Services

I Do Videography is a division of Paige Pennifold Creative Services.
In addition to wedding videography, we also have graphic design services. These include wedding invitation packages and more.
Please click here for any design services you would like.